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Our Services

By Appointment Only


Primary Care

Free primary care services provided by our excellent volunteer providers. Beyond the patient visit, our clinic covers any necessary laboratory testing. We also provide you with the medications to manage your medical condition.

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Mental Health

Holistic psychiatry services provided by Henry Ford Residents along with Behavioral Therapy if needed. 

We will now be scheduling appointments at 2:00 pm instead of 3:00 pm!


Specialty Services

Our clinic facilitates Limited Dermatology and Gynecology services.

All our patients have access to expansive social resources provided by our on-staff community health worker. They are able to provide you with community programs based on need and zip-code. If you do not have state-assisted insurance but qualify for it, we also help with the online application process. 


Dental Care

Welcome to our newly opened dental suites, where we offer a range of dental care services including restorations, extractions, and cleanings - all free of cost! We are equipped with all the latest equipment, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. Join us every other Saturday for a biweekly appointment and keep your smile healthy and bright.

America's Oldest Free Clinic 

Serving Detroit since 1950

Free Healthcare

For the Uninsured 

The Cabrini Clinic provides a holistic approach towards meeting the primary healthcare care needs of economically disadvantaged residents in South-West Detroit and beyond. We serve those who fall through the medical-social safety net, and help them connect with basic resources. 

We offer education, prevention, and treatment without charge, but with deep compassion and respect for the people we serve and their needs.  


Volunteer with Us!

We are looking for Volunteer Physicians, Physicians Associates, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, and Nurses who can help us continue our mission to serve the uninsured!


Volunteer with Us!

To be consider for a volunteer position at our clinic contact our Practice Manager Chantell Stainback via email demonstrating your interest. 

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